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Steep Update 1.02

Steep Update 1.02


Here’s the full list of patch notes for Steep update 1.02:

Exploits Fixed

  • A system now informs players when they don’t move on to the next checkpoint after a pre-set amount of time, preventing them from being able to go back up the mountain to score tricks.
  • The minimum jump time needed to start scoring is now higher, which no longer allows repetitive scoring via “mini-tricks” on flat areas.

New Additions

  • Addition of a controller page in the menu on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • Addition of a contextual tooltip about switch at low level
  • Background music added to the Sony Live Area (PS4)
  • Players now have the possibility to preview items while browsing in the Rider page
  • Progression page added to the menu
  • Players can now teleport to another player in their group directly from Mountain View by selecting him/her with the cursor
  • Ambiance can now be changed in Mountain View by using D-Pad Down
  • Special Holiday Item
  • Special Holiday Item #2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Players get stuck on rocks when retrying a Challenge
  • Fixed: Customization of items resets to default when mixed between different types of items
  • Fixed: Invitational Challenges still marked as “New” even after completion
  • Fixed: Players still see other players next to them on the map even after they have moved on to other areas (“permanent players” issue)
  • Fixed: [XB1] Players who try to join/group with other players receive an error message
  • Fixed: Global Exploration will display 100% even if the user has not unlocked all Points of Interest
  • Fixed: A missing icon in the social notification when creating a coop session between two players
  • Fixed: Flickering icons and panels when the user moves RS on the menu after switching between Rider Tab or Profile and Progress Menu
  • Fixed: Starting the game at Break Point challenge with no music or sound effects
  • Fixed: The same button is shown for “Change ambiance” and “Change time of day” when opening Mountain View
  • Fixed: Ubisoft Club Actions – Overlapping text seen on the “You’re Ready Now” pop-up; “Gold-plated Challenger” pop-up displayed 2 times; “Baby Steps” pop-up displayed 2 times; “Invited” pop-up displayed 2 times
  • Fixed: On PS4 Pro, on high FPS, the G-force bar decreases faster
  • Fixed: The color of the Black Imp Wingsuit Goggles in the preview doesn’t match the color of the goggles on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Fixed: The color of the Super Hero Wingsuit Goggles in the preview doesn’t match the color of the goggles on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Fixed: The Crash Test Dummy costume’s taunt will make the player fall after a big jump. The fix is that the ragdoll should only occur during player-triggered taunts and not automatic ones
  • Fixed: White fonts on category names are barely visible
  • Fixed: Black lines under sponsor logos in the customization menu
  • Fixed: The “Legendary Quests” icons are grayed out as if they were locked in Mountain View, even after already being unlocked by reaching the required level
  • Fixed: Ultranatural Challenge – Missing collision when the rider hits the edges of the last two ramps before the finish line
  • Fixed: Viewers see the character floating when spectating a player who opens Mountain View while riding
  • Fixed: Info Panel and Challenge Canceled message remain after the private challenge was canceled
  • Fixed: When starting a Mountain Story, the player loses the ability to change the Time of Day, even after having stopped the story.
  • Fixed: When buying the Unicorn costume, “Multicolor Mittens” appears twice in the shop
  • Fixed: Some Challenge icons overlap the Group Leaderboard
  • Fixed: The “wingsuit jump” sound is played twice when the player starts a wingsuit trail
  • Fixed: Group Leaderboards display players’ scores in a random order after several coop attempts
  • Fixed: Flares are not equipped after selecting them
  • Fixed: When looking at the mountain from a stopped position, the yellow arrow icon remains in the HUD even after the Mountain Story is completed
  • Fixed: If a player wins gold for the first time on a Challenge with two or more reward items, or if he finishes a Mountain Story, the player will only see the prompt for the first item unlocked (the highest medal reward)
  • Fixed: Two RedBull cans are laying around on the mountain and no one has any idea why they’re there!
  • Fixed: The Tartiflette recipe is written in broken English (Franglish?) and is actually incorrect… hopefully there weren’t too many failed attempts at making this delicious dish

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