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WWE 2K17 Update 1.03

WWE 2K17 Update 1.03

WWE 2K17

Here’s the full list of patch notes for WWE 2K17 update 1.03:


  • Fixed an issue that could occur when resuming the title from Rest Mode that could affect user save data if Auto-Upload was enabled in Application Saved Data Management (PS4)


  • Managers will no longer be ejected as a result from attacks made while the referee was downed
  • Increased the recovery time for Superstars after being put through a ladder bridge during a Ladder or TLC match
  • Fixed an issue where COM Superstars would attack their own manager if an opponent was standing behind the manager
  • Fixed an issue where the referee could become idle during pin attempts made after being distracted by an interfering Superstar or manager
  • Addressed strikes performed against the legs of a crawling opponent to appear more natural
  • Addressed the strikes performed against an opponent knocked off the top rope to the mat to appear more natural
  • Addressed a flickering spotlight issues that occurred when fighting in the crowd
  • The manager exit gauge now depletes properly when a manager climbs onto the middle rope during a match
  • The Superstar who performs a successful diving splash onto an opponent propped on a ladder will now recover more quickly than the opponent
  • Fixed an exploit with the Lie Detector so that it can now be reversed
  • Fixed an issue where the defender could get stuck in a corner turnbuckle if an Ambrose Comeback got interrupted. The Ambrose Comeback can no longer be interrupted
  • COM opponents now have a chance to kick out after being hit with the Unicorn Stampede OMG! pin combo
  • Charlotte will now use her Figure 8 finisher more regularly as a COM Superstar
  • Fixed an animation syncing issue that occurred backstage when performing a diving double axe handle off an equipment box against a kneeling opponent
  • Superstars are now only awarded 1 point for count outs during an Iron Man match
  • The Elbow Drop/Knee Strike Combo now displays naturally when performed in a match
  • Users are now able to execute submission moves during a Steel Cage tournament match
  • Addressed a loss of control issue that could occur when eliminating a Superstar from the top rope during a Royal Rumble match
  • Fixed an issue with managers’ pathing to the ring during entrance run-ins
  • Fixed a warping issue when performing the Double Axe Handle 4 move on a grounded opponent
  • Addressed an exploit that could occur when picking up an opponent
  • Fixed an issue with COM Superstars standing idle after reversing certain moves
  • Superstars can now successfully perform diving moves from the top rope against an opponent currently being Irish Whipped
  • Addressed a warping issue that occurred when targeting the head of a supine opponent
  • Addressed exploits around the ability to reverse certain Leg Sweep moves
  • Addressed an exploit when performing Finishers/Signatures from behind that didn’t consume a stock properly
  • Improved COM Superstar pathing to climb over the corner barricade after a Superstar
  • Addressed multiple issues that sometimes occurred with Superstars being unable to remain appropriately grounded after mid-match run-ins and break-outs
  • Fixed an issue where the referee would stop counting additional disqualifications after a certain number had been tallied during an Iron Man match
  • Fixed an issue with the Handspring Enzuigiri springboard move not being performed properly
  • COM Superstars now perform backstage-specific OMG! moves with greater frequency when they are in an appropriate position and have the requisite Finisher stock
  • Addressed an issue with performing strikes against a seated opponent
  • Fixed a warping issue when performing the Earthquake Splash move
  • Fixed an issue with the user being able to perform the Sister Abigail 2 pin combo


  • Improved the loading times for private matches when using Custom Superstars
  • Fixed a matchmaking issue that occurred for alternate attire Superstars in WWE Live
  • Made improvements to pin meter responsiveness in online matches
  • Addressed a display issue that could occur when purchasing a locked Superstar from within WWE Online
  • Fixed an issue with the ring announcement of Superstars’ names when selected in a Private Lobby
  • Fixed an issue where announce tables and steel steps were not visible during online matches
  • Fixed an issue in which the host’s Custom Superstar entrance would repeat for the opponent’s entrance under certain circumstances in a Private Match


  • Addressed title stability issues that could occur when finishing brawls stemming from VS. Promos
  • Non-rival opponent’s self-promos will no longer appear as Rival Events
  • The user will no longer be assigned a rival as a tag team partner
  • Following a pre-match cutscene in which the user’s rival attacks the user’s Superstar, the user’s Superstar will start with lower health in the ensuing match
  • Decreased the frequency of matching up against the same Superstar repeatedly when progressing through the main roster
  • Fixed an issue with COM Superstars not engaging properly in promo brawls
  • Victorious Superstars will now notice and attack users who are performing a post-match run-in
  • The user will no longer be placed in nonsensical title matches when progressing toward winning a second championship

WWE Universe

  • Additional matches are no longer added to a Show Card when downloading a Custom Superstar after editing the Show Card
  • Promos ending in brawls now register as completed when returning to the show card
  • Edited promos are now saved immediately when edited via the match card
  • Title rankings will now change more frequently when simulating
  • Controller vibration now works properly during WWE Universe matches
  • Fixed an issue with a Women’s Champion storyline not triggering properly for the final title match
  • The results screen for a self-promo will now indicate whether an interruption occurred
  • Deleting a Custom Superstar through the Deletion Utility will now result in any match featuring that Superstar being removed from the match card
  • Addressed a display issue for tag team images in the news feed
  • Fixed an issue with previous rivalries remaining when a show was deleted and replaced with a new show

Highlight Reel

  • Fixed an issue with how the Highlight Reel camera tracks Superstars during backstage brawls
  • Addressed an issue in the Highlight Reel where championships wouldn’t be displayed during entrances in which a break-out occurred

Visual Presentation

  • Post-match replays now show moves leading to pinfall attempts
  • Superstars wearing alternate attires no longer appear with an unnaturally shiny skin tone when observing their entrances
  • Fixed an issue with custom show assets not displaying in custom arenas during Tournament matches
  • Fixed an issue with Roman Reigns’s appearance during cutscenes prior to a title match
  • Fixed an issue with Neville’s cape warping and flickering during his entrance
  • Fixed an issue with Bret Hart’s hair shifting with alternate attire applied
  • Blood now appears properly during post-match replays (if blood is turned ON)
  • Fixed a floating issue that could occur with the Dudley Boyz victory motion

WWE Creations: Superstar

  • Addressed an issue with scars appearing over the clothing of female Superstars
  • Alternate attires are no longer improperly listed under the CUSTOM SUPERSTAR tabs when viewing the tabs in EDIT CUSTOM SUPERSTAR. They are still listed under the ALTERNATE ATTIRE tab
  • Addressed a number of deformation issues that occurred when combining different clothing parts that weren’t intended to be compatible
  • Fixed a texture issue that could occur with headgear
  • Improved the ease of setting specific numbers using the bar sliders throughout WWE Creations – Superstar menus
  • Fixed issues with the appearance of female Superstars’ feet when wearing high-heeled shoes
  • Addressed an issue with chin slider controls being reversed
  • The user is now able to edit the boots and shoes options for Lana and Stephanie McMahon (Manager)
  • Fixed an issue in which certain arm clothing items couldn’t be removed from specific WWE Superstar attires
  • Fixed an issue where applying a cape to a Superstar with facial hair caused warping issues
  • Addressed clipping issues that occurred with longer beards, mustaches, sideburns, and goatees when placed on larger male Superstars
  • Fixed clipping, warping, and shaking issues for various neck accessories
  • “Rutherford” is now spelled correctly among New Jersey Hometowns
  • Two Ric Flair robes are now available to equip for female Superstars
  • Fixed an issue with logos failing to appear on certain headwear parts for female Superstars
  • Fixed visual issues that could occur in the cutscene following a call out promo brawl under certain circumstances
  • Increased the number of upper body accessories to which logos can be applied
  • Custom Superstars’ facial detail now remains consistent when applying Lettering in Face Art
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate clothing items appearing for alternate attires that had no changes compared to the default Superstar

WWE Creations: Arena

  • Fixed a framerate issue that occurred when adding more than five logos to arenas in WWE Creations – Arena
  • Fixed a camera position issue when previewing certain subcategories

WWE Creations: Entrance

  • Fixed an issue with lighting not resetting when previewing entrance animations
  • Fixed issues with two championships appearing when viewing several singles titles motions
  • Fixed an issue with The Undertaker’s stage pyro not displaying properly
  • Addressed a music timing issue with a The New Day entrance motion
  • Fixed an issue with the commentators disappearing after the user changed the Superstar Template
  • Header, Wall, and Banner parts now appear correctly when previewing Templates in Easy Entrance Creation

WWE Creations: Show

  • Show Load video changes to custom videos now save immediately

WWE Creations: Video

  • Addressed video slowing and hitching issues when viewing videos
  • Fixed an issue with Superstars shaking at the beginning of cutscenes if the scene loaded too quickly
  • The user is now able to set a custom arena for Cutscenes when creating a video

WWE Creations: Move-Set

  • Fixed a number of animation, warping, and clipping issues when previewing various moves
  • Hell’s Gate 2 is now properly listed as a submission move
  • Pop-Up Styles Clash is now listed under the Ringside Finisher category
  • Improved the camera angle for previewing stage dive moves
  • Hurricanrana 2 is now listed in the Irish Whip – Rebound Attacks (Grapple) category

WWE Community Creations

  • Fixed an issue with Gold and Diamond upload slots not being unlocked properly


  • Lilian Garcia will no longer announce a custom singles championship as “championships”
  • Improved the crowd noise level during Asuka’s entrance
  • Fixed an issue with crowd volume when loading into post-match interviews in MyCareer


  • Additional improvements and fixes related to the WWE 2K17 Legends Pack downloadable content

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