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No Man’s Sky Update 1.09

No Man’s Sky Update 1.09

No Man’s Sky

Released yesterday by Hello Games, No Man’s Sky update 1.09 on PlayStation 4 is a 733MB download:
  • Stacking exploit removed. You can keep using any existing stacks you have however.
  • Some reports of slightly improved graphics and sounds.
  • Reported that saves are quicker.
  • A report of finding the last missing fauna discovery quickly.
  • It seems to make it easier to 100% planets, and also seems to have increased the density of fauna.
  • Can no longer hold down square while uploading multiple discoveries, nor triangle when moving multiple pieces of inventory.
  • Larger creatures seem more common.
  • I’m finding “herds” of animals on a regular basis.
  • A report of being able to flee a battle with pirates.
  • Reloading a save is faster.
  • Many reporting the game just “looks different.”

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