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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Update 1.12

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Update 1.12 Adds New Devon Map

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Ranked Season 2 Has Started

New ranked rewards added

  • Gold / Platinum / Diamond / Master Bandanas

Individual performance has a bigger effect

  • Top Performer bonus replaced with Performance Grade for all players
  • The amount of bonus points is based on your performance in the match compared to the average in your rank
  • A strong performance can almost fully offset the points lost from a loss in most ranks

Party members share performance of the party

  • Performance of all players in the party is averaged to determine the bonus Rank Points that the whole party receives

Faster ranking up

  • Requirements to advance to qualifiers were reduced (Previously some ranks required >100 Rank Points, now all require 100 except Apprentice, which is 50)

Easier to pass qualifiers

  • Previously passing required winning best 2 out of 3 matches, now requires 1 out of 3 (Bronze), or 2 out of 5 (Silver).

Easier to get back into qualifiers

  • Failing qualifiers now sets you back to 90% of the previous rank (was 60 – 90%), so winning your next game will loop directly back into qualifiers

Other changes

  • Max rank achieved through initial placement matches is now Gold III (was Silver III)
  • Ties no longer award Rank Points to either team


  • New Devon

Economy changes:

  • New 300UP Currency Pack (coming soon with a PlayStation Store update)
  • Added Match Completion bonus worth 10 Relics
  • Winning a match now awards 20 Relics


  • Players can no longer late-join a match where 50% of the match score or time has elapsed (at the time match is found)
  • Players can no longer late-join a match where the winning team is leading by more than 30% of the score limit
  • Idle player kick timer reduced to 30 seconds

Menu Changes

  • New option allows the user to launch the game and be taken directly into Multiplayer
  • You can now use [d-pad left/d-pad right] to select booster levels and weapon/sidekick/mystical mods, for faster loadout editing
  • Global leaderboard now shows percentile in the format “Top x% of all players”
  • You can now scroll to the top of the leaderboard by pressing [triangle]

Balance Changes

  • C4 does knockdown on all levels
  • Grenade knockdown radius decreased
  • Hold breath underwater time reduced
  • Increased damage pass-through in water
  • Increased distance that bullets travel in water

Bug Fixes

  • General level exploit fixes
  • Fix to players not being able to take cover in certain situations
  • Remnants level update to improve performance
  • Camera Control options “Acceleration Speed” and “Ramp Power Scale” will now Reset to Defaults properly
  • Friend’s List performance and update improvements
  • Fix to mystical/sidekick mod loadout exploit: switching to a loadout with a different sidekick / mystical mod will now wipe out any previously purchased mysticals / sidekicks
  • Fixed multiple idol pick-up issues in Plunder
  • Fixed bug with Combat Marking & Mark on Damage allowing Stealth users to become marked occasionally
  • Late-Joiners can now properly melee a Brute
  • Fixed a bug with throwing Mysticals while on a rope causing the player to re-throw the rope
  • Fixed bug with Gifting booster not allowing to gift to certain players
  • Fixed mystical throwing issue with alternate control scheme
  • Fixed a bug where the host was unable to start custom games when clients were in a submenu
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Wrath of El Dorado from damaging enemies when the owner dies

Cheater reporting website is now up

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