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Rocket League New DLC on July 18

Rocket League Getting Two New DLC on July 18 

Rocket League

Before this new DLC launches, Rocket League June update later this month will bring Item Attributes, which adds special properties:

Painted Items

Our first item attribute, “Painted,” recolors an item with entirely-new pigments, and we’ll kick off our first release with Painted Wheels and Toppers. If you’re lucky enough to discover a Painted version of an item, its color will be randomly chosen from a set of named colors like “Titanium White” and “Burnt Sienna.”

Certified Items

Our second item attribute, “Certified,” makes an item track a particular statistic while you play in online matches. Certified Items come with a special prefix that indicates the stat they track. That prefix increases in prestige as you earn more and more of that stat with the item equipped.

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