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Uncharted 4 Update 1.03 Includes Fixes and Improvements

Uncharted 4 Update 1.03 Includes Fixes and Improvements 

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Naughty Dog released Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End update 1.03 yestrday the patch notes say it just includes “general fixes and improvements.”


  • Various Localization updates

Single Player:

  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed particle sync issue



  • Gameplay crash fixes
  • Fix for Entitlement Limits being reached causing users to not see Uncharted Points they had purchased
  • Enabled a pop-up to appear while in the menus to inform users of new updates
  • Fix for Challenge completed pop-up appearing after already completing the challenge
  • Fix for Loadout Point unlocks not triggering properly
  • Fix for store item descriptions
  • Leaderboard text fixes
  • Fix for post-game medal description
  • Added Leaderboards menu item to matchmaking page so players can check out their leaderboard stats while in matchmaking
  • Fixed booster level issue for late-joiners
  • Sniper Sidekick – Path of Indra mod now plays sound properly when Sniper teleports
  • Timer display error fix for Matchmaking lobby
  • Fix for private match settings not being visible after viewing previous game results
  • Fixed crash that can occur during the end game scoreboard
  • Ranked TDM
  • Fix for team favor display for when teams are evenly matched in Ranked TDM
  • Fix for rank point bug where players were incorrectly getting penalized for both win/loss
  • Rank progress is now displayed when browsing the Ranked TDM playlist, before entering
  • Lowered the max rank that can be achieved after initial placement matches from Gold I to Gold III


  • Fix for a crash that occurs during a game of Command
  • Fix for store prices sometimes being improper while being a Captain
  • Fix for contested status icon not updating properly
  • Fix for late-join player seeing improper status icon


  • Fix for the idol respawn timer not appearing properly
  • Fix for weapon gameplay issues while holding the idol
  • Treasure chest, player starting spawns, & idol spawn locations tweaked
  • Fix for idol pickup causing loss of functionality
  • Fix for scoring animation playing improperly
  • Fix for throwing animation playing improperly


  • Fix for sniper rifle scope-in times
  • Fix for weapon progression being inappropriately earned
  • Fix for starting ammo mod on some weapons


  • Spirit of the Djinn
  • Fix for timer not working properly
  • Fix for FX not deactivating properly
  • Fix for improperly turning off during to network errors
  • Fix for icon not clearing properly when a player dies while it is active
  • Fix for not being able to purchase while wating to respawn
  • Staff of Ayar Manco received a decrease in the ammount of points it contributes towards your Support Score

1.03.013 (MP ONLY)

  • Decrease number of Warm-Up matches to unlock other playlists to 1 game
  • Decreased the maximum Warm-Up matches from 10 to 5
  • Tripled the Rank Points lost for a quit or disconnect in Ranked TDM

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