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Grand Theft Auto V Update 1.30

Grand Theft Auto V Update 1.30 

Grand Theft Auto V

New Content – PS4, Xbox One, and PC Only

  • A new garage, Benny’s Original Motor Works, has been added that allows players to customize applicable vehicles with unique mods only available to Benny’s including:
  • Hydraulics
  • New Liveries
  • Interior Options: Trim, Ornaments (also available in Los Santos Customs for Lowriders vehicles), Dials, Doors, Seats, Steering Wheels, Column Shift Levers, Plaques, ICE
  • Chassis Options: Arch Covers, Aerials, Trim, Tank
  • Engine Options: Engine Block, Air Filters
  • Trunk Installs
  • Vanity Plates & Plate Holders
  • Benny’s Originals Wheels
  • Tire Designs

Other New Content

  • Benny’s Original Motor Works, a new vehicle website, has been added for GTA Online and a shortcut app to the website has been added to the phone.
  • Two brand new vehicles and four existing vehicles have been added to Benny’s Original Motor Works for GTA Online. These six vehicles are able to access the unique mods only available in Benny’s Original Motor Works: Willard Faction (new), Declasse Moonbeam (new), Albany Buccaneer, Declasse Voodoo, Albany Primo, Vapid Chino
  • Two new loop horns have been added to Los Santos Customs and Benny’s Original Motor Works for GTA Online; these horns will become out of tune as the vehicle is damaged: San Andreas Loop, Liberty City Loop
  • Two new weapons have been added to Ammu-Nation for Story Mode (unlocks as you play) and for GTA Online (available immediately):, Machine Pistol, Machete
  • Four new hairstyles have been added to the barber for male and female characters in GTA Online.
  • Seventeen new tattoos have been added to the Tattoo Parlors for both male and female characters in GTA Online.
  • Hundreds of new clothing items, including new outfits and accessories, have been added to the Clothes Stores for male and female characters in GTA Online.
  • New Lamar Contact Missions have been added which unlock at Rank 5.

Three new Adversary Mode have been added to GTA Online which unlock at Rank 5:

  • Offence Defense – Runners aim to be the first to get to the end of a route. Blockers, in faster and more powerful vehicles, must block and run opposing Runners off the road, while protecting their Runner from the other teams.
  • Keep the Pace – A race where the speed players have to maintain increases each lap. Dropping below the speed causes players to explode.
  • Relay – A 4 team race around the streets of David, in which players take it in turns to complete a lap before tagging a team mate. Non-active drivers wait in the pen to be tagged, whilst active drivers complete a lap for their team.

Luxury Engravings have been added for a selection of weapons & attachments for Story Mode and GTA Online.

  • Yusuf Amir Luxury Finish is available for: Pump Shotgun, Assault SMG, Combat Pistol, MG
  • Gilded Gun Metal Finish is available for: Bullpup Rifle
  • Etched Gun Metal Finish is available for: Combat MG, Special Carbine
  • Etched Wood Grip Finish is available for: SNS Pistol

New Features/Updates – PS4, Xbox One, and PC Only

  • Players will be able to own a fourth property, allowing potential ownership of up to 40 cars and 12 bicycles.
  • A new Adversary Mode invite system has been added for Missions: There is now an increased chance of getting an Adversary Mode invite; Invites will no longer be sent during Heist progression or following Freemode Events, this new system will be used instead; Adversary Mode Invites are now Red.
  • A new option, ‘Destroy Last Place’ has been added to Races: The Host can set it to be effective each lap, every 15 seconds, every 30 seconds or every 60 seconds, the player in last will be blown up according to the option selected; The ‘Destroy Last Place’ option is not available for Rally and GTA Team Races; When ‘Destroy Last Place’ option is turned on in a playlist it will default to being On for other Races in the playlist.
  • Several new features have been added to the Interaction Menu: Ammo – Players can now purchase/ restock their ammo from the interaction menu. A convenience charge will be included in the cost; Vehicle Doors – Players can now open and close their personal vehicle’s doors; Vehicle Remote Functions – Players can remotely turn their engine, lights and radio on or off.
  • Hidden weapon pickups have been added to various locations in Freemode.
  • Vehicle performance mods that were unlocked after winning Races can alternatively be unlocked by Rank.
  • Players now need to confirm before exiting the mod garages.
  • Los Santos Customs shop menus have been improved.
  • The Tops menu in the Clothes Store has been re-organized for Male and Female clothing.
  • Changes have made to the way weapons are displayed and organized in Ammu-Nation.
  • Pearlescent paint colors can now be used on Crew colors.
  • Pegasus now allows players to call for a different vehicle to replace the one that is already out.
  • Three new celebrations / interactions have been added to GTA Online: Chin Brush, No Way, Chicken Taunt
  • Quick Restart option has been removed from Adversary Modes.
  • All non-timed exclusive DLC weapons have been added to the Creator.
  • An option has been added to allow players to delete the whole template at once in the Creator.
  • Prop Templates the player has created are now displayed (at half opacity) when scrolling over them in the menu.
  • Scene Creator has been added to Director Mode which allows players to place props and save templates.

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