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LittleBigPlanet 3 Update 1.09

LittleBigPlanet 3 Update 1.09 

Here’s the full list of patch notes for update 1.09 on PS4 and PS3:

General Changes

  • The Social Menu has now been separated into two pages: One page for your PSN Friends and one page for Hearted Players. You can use L1/R1 to toggle between the two pages.
  • Players will now appear on both the PSN Friends page and the Hearted Players page, if they are a PSN Friend that has been Hearted. Note: Previously these players only showed under PSN Friends but we thought that if they were special enough to be Hearted too, they should appear on both your Social Menu pages!
  • Multiplayer connection messaging updated to better inform players when a player is unable to be connected to after sending them a Join/Invite request. Note: The above changes are a step towards making the multiplayer connection process more straight forward and informative, so that you are able to connect to your friends and other players more easily. We will continue to make improvements where possible to the multiplayer experience.

General Fixes

  • The Social Menu will now correctly display all of your PSN Friends and their Online Status.
  • Objects that had previously become stuck to Sackboy will now be removed from Sackboy when returning to the Pod. Allowing Sackboy to spawn into the Pod correctly.Note: This is a further fix to the “Objects become stuck to Sackboy” fix from our previous update. If your Sackboy had objects stuck to them and was unable to spawn into their Pod, this new fix should now automatically resolve that issue for you without requiring the use of the previous workaround provided.
  • Keyboards will now continue to function correctly on PlayStation 4 after exiting to the Home Screen and returning to the game.
  • PlayStation 4 Exclusive Pins will no longer unlock on PlayStation 3.
  • Players can now consistently press X to skip the end of level process when reaching the end of a level via either the Scoreboard or the Progress Board instead of pressing X for one and Start for the other.
  • Pressing the Touch Pad will now bring the player out of the screensaver after leaving the game idle.
  • Players can now use the Move Motion Controller to navigate Adventure Maps.

Game Stability

General Fixes

  • Fixed a rare crashing instance that may occur when placing a Level Icon on to an Adventure Map that is already covered with Stickers.

  • Adventure – Bunkum Lagoon – Even Bosses Wear Hats Sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where only one player in a multiplayer session may respawn in certain sections of this level.

Gameplay Fixes

  • Adventure – Bunkum Lagoon – The Masque Maker’s Tower
  • Fixed a level escape that could allow Sackboy to fall out of the level.

Create Mode

  • The Corner Editor will no longer behave erratically when attempting to use it. Note: If you previously changed your Touch Create Mode setting to “Cursor” to avoid this issue; you can now change it back to “Camera” and this issue will no longer occur.
  • Magic Mouths created in LittleBigPlanet 2 that contain long audio recordings will now play correctly in LittleBigPlanet 3.
  • Magic Mouths created in LittleBigPlanet 2 that are wired directly to one another, will now function correctly.
  • Magic Mouths will no longer play simultaneously and will now play in the correct sequence as set by their creator.
  • Magic Mouths no longer require a lot of text attached to their “Speech” to allow for a full recording time.
  • The Note Tool will now correctly remember its tweak settings when emitted.
  • The Note Tool will now display Black text on a Yellow Background by default to make the text considerably easier to read when first input. The Text and Background can still be manually changed within the tweak menu.
  • The Touch Pad can no longer be used to manipulate elements in Create Mode whilst the Save Changes prompt is visible.

DLC Fixes

  • The Muppets Premium Level Kit
  • Players no longer have just one life in “The Final Curtain” boss fight of The Muppets Premium Level Kit and now have the correct number of lives to beat this baddie!

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