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Xbox One June preview features

Xbox One June preview features 

Microsoft has announced it’s rolling out a host of new preview features this week.

Here’s what to expect:
  • Avatars – Users can now download and launch the Avatars app from within the Xbox app.
  • Friends updates – Adding friends is easier with the ability to designate them as favorites and share your name from the Xbox app. Users can also now report or block people from the Xbox app.
  • Game hubs – Similar to Xbox One, users can now view the game hub for an Xbox One game and view the activity feed curated by the game’s community manager.
  • Game DVR – Users can now alter the keyboard shortcuts used for opening the Game Bar, starting and stopping recording, taking screenshots, and view and manage cloud-based game clips from the Xbox app .
  • Testing streaming – The Xbox team needs help in providing information about PC performance and connectivity characteristics in perpetration for game streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 PCs. By participating, users will anonymously send the team diagnostic information on their PC and network settings.
  • Turn On/Off your Xbox One Console – The Connect menu in Xbox app has been updated to let users power Xbox One on and off from Windows 10 devices when they are on the same home network.

The Xbox app on Windows 10 PCs will automatically update to the June preview version when it becomes available in the Windows Store.

Xbox One updates
  • Xbox One Digital TV Tuner in 11 new European countries – The team will continue to test the Xbox One Digital TV with the preview audience in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland, with plans to make it available to all customers in these countries later this summer.
  • Wireless Display app – The team continues to make improvements to the Miracast functionality in the Wireless Display app based on that feedback.

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