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Xbox One May update now in beta

multitasking and voice messaging incoming

The beta for the Xbox One’s May system software update has arrived. As well as fixing a couple of issues, you can now multitask and leave voice messages while in a party.


New Experiences 

  • Voice Messages while in a Party. With this update, you can now leave voice messages while in a Party. Previously, you had to leave a Party to leave a voice message.


  • US/CA USB TV Tuner Channel Scanning. We received reports that the US/CA Digital TV Tuner would not correctly scan for channels. This has been resolved in this update.

Known Issues 

  • Party app Voice Commands (initial screen only). When launching the Party app, voice commands will not function on the Party app’s first menu screen (ie. saying “Xbox Select”, followed by “Start a party” or “Learn more”).

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