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The Last of Us Multiplayer Factions add-ons and Patch

Multiplayer Factions add-ons and Patch 1.11 and 1.06 hit PS3 and PS4. 

The Last of Us Remastered – PS4 Patch 1.06 Notes
 Factions Multiplayer
 New DLC Executions:
- Rifle (Semi-Auto, Burst Rifle, Full Auto, Variable Rifle, Scoped Semi Auto, Scoped Full Auto)
- Automatic Rifle (Assault Rifle, Specter)
- Sniper (Hunting Rifle, Military Sniper)
- Bow
- Revolver (Revolver, El Diablo)
- Pistol (9mm, Enforcer)
- Ground Shiv (unarmed, pistol)
- Stealth Shiv (from-behind and smoke-stunned shiv executions)
- Shotgun (Shotgun, Double Barrel, Tactical Shotgun)
 New DLC Weapons:
- Tactical Shotgun
- Burst Pistol
- Short Rifle
- Crossbow
 New DLC Survival Skills:
- Lone Wolf
- Second Chance
- Jack of All Trades
- Lucky Break
- Lethal Efficiency
 New DLC Headgear:
- Viking Hat
- Plague Mask
- Smiley Mask
- Outlaw Mask
- Ski Goggles
- Broken Gas Mask
- Urban Camo Helmet
- Ballistic Helmet
 New DLC Gestures:
- Dust Myself Off
- Evil Laugh
- Game Over
- Intimidation
- You're Done
- Combat Formation
- Stretch
- I'm Watching You
- Agility footsteps are now as almost completely silent, like they are on PS3
- Arrows now fly in the correct direction for players observing the firing player
- Impact sounds from arrows are now audible
- Fixed a bug where a player could not send invites
- Fixed a bug that was kicking players who late-joined a game of Survivors
- Shooting a downed player who is using Fortitude 2 now deals the proper amount of damage for all users
- Scavenger 1 now gives the proper amount of ammo to a Variable Rifle user
- Fixed a crash that can occur when spectating your teammates
- Fixed several locations where graphics would drop out on High School and Hometown
- Fixed location where spawning on a teammate could result in getting stuck inside geometry on University and High School
- Fix for Late-Joiners possibly receiving more parts than intended when late-joining a game
- Fix for center supply box on University not spawning a 2x4 when opening in Survivors
- Fixed an issue with players being dropped from the lobby while searching for a matchmaking game
- Fixed a bug for a player be awarded extra stats for defensive downs in Interrogation
- Fixed a bug for a player be awarded extra stats for downing an attacker in Interrogations

Balance Changes
Weapon Balance:
- Silenced 9mm now costs one loadout point (was two)
- Full Auto Rifle now has a silencer option for two additional loadout points
- Full Auto Rifle upgrades now costs 300 / 600 parts (was 400 / 800)
- Machete now costs two loadout points instead of three
- Machete now gets one additional durability when modded
Part rewards:
- Winning 4-0 in Survivors (Absolute Victory) now gives an additional 1500 parts
- Winning 4-1 in Survivors (Decisive Victory) now gives an additional 500 parts
- Executing an enemy who is on a streak now gives an additional 200 parts.  Players are considered to be on a streak when they have a total of six combined downs + executions without dying (e.g. downing and executing 3 players).
- Players late-joining into a game with unbalanced teams will receive additional 200 late-join parts for every missing player on their team
Interrogation Spawning:
- Added logic to Interrogation spawning so players who are being spawn-camped around their lockbox should spawn further away from it
- Updated Interrogation spawn points to provide more spawning options for players defending their lockbox on the following maps: Checkpoint, Lakeside, Bill’s Town, University, High School, Downtown, The Dam, Bookstore, Hometown, Bus Depot, Suburbs
TDM / Interrogation Spawning:
Adjusted some TDM / Interrogation spawns on certain maps that were causing players to spawn too far from the action - 
Bill's Town
- Removed spawns behind garage
- Removed spawns in back alley behind Theater building
High School
- Removed most remote spawns in locker rooms
- Removed most remote spawns in back of gymnasium
- Added spawns inside gym closer to front doors
- Removed most remote spawns in library
- Removed most remote spawns above auto shop
- Removed most remote spawns in administration buildings near upper start spawn
- Removed duplicate set of spawns in upstairs sniper perch room above fountain
- Removed most remote spawns in back of science building
- Removed spawns on second floor walkway in science building (behind windows)
Water Tower
- Water Tower item caches (uphill & downhill) have been move to safer locations
Cover additions:
- Added selective cover to certain map locations which needed additional protection or sightline blocking for balance.
- Checkpoint: low cover added to the ambulance outside the theater
- Lakeside: low cover added next to the shed by the boat facing the gazebo
- Lakeside: low cover added at the back of the building facing the supply box behind the general store
- University: low cover added in both hallways where supply boxes are located
- High School: low cover added behind the school bus facing the supply box outside next to the flagpole
- High School: folded tables next to hallway supply box had the gaps at the bottom covered up; same with the folded table near the library spawn
- Bill’s Town: truck at the bottom of the street had the open door and gaps below the truck blocked
Supply Box Adjustments:
- Adjusted supply box locations closest to each team spawn on Water Tower to provide more cover / defensibility

The Last of Us – PS3 Patch 1.11 Notes

 Factions Multiplayer
All notes for PS4 Patch 1.06 apply but there are six DLC executions categories instead of nine.
New DLC Executions:
- Sniper (Hunting Rifle, Military Sniper)
- Bow
- Revolver (Revolver, El Diablo)
- Pistol (9mm, Enforcer)
- Stealth Shiv (from-behind and smoke-stunned shiv executions)
- Shotgun (Shotgun, Double Barrel, Tactical Shotgun)
Additional Fixes:
- Fix for Interrogation lockbox unlocking too quickly early in the match
- Fix for the Launcher not awarding Long Range downs
- Fixed a typo on the Emblem selection screen

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