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PlayStation Vita Firmware Update 3.30 Out Today

Adds Theme Support & More

PlayStation Vita firmware update 3.30 is now available to download, adding Themes, Trophy rarity, and much more.

Main Features


  • Added [Theme & Background]. You can download themes from PlayStation Store to change the icons and backgrounds displayed on the home screen.


  • You can now see how rare a trophy is. Select [PSN] and then select the title.


  • You can now add other players besides your Friends when you create events.
  • You can now save events received through [Messages] and [E-mail]. Select the calendar file inside the message to view the event, then select [Options] > [Add to Calendar] to save the event to your calendar.


  • References to the product name on VTE-1000 series system screens have been changed to [PlayStation TV] or [PS TV].
  • You can now adjust the volume level of your PS TV system. Press and hold the PS button, and then select [Master Volume] on the screen that is displayed.

Other Features


  • You can now close all windows at once. Select [Window] > [Options] > [Close All Windows] > [OK].
  • The display speed of Web pages has been improved.
  • Support for HTML5 and JavaScript has been enhanced.


  • LiveArea can now display up to 6 events scheduled today or later.
  • You can now set the colour of the days in the calendar. Select [Options] > [Settings] > [Day Colour] on the calendar screen.

Content Manager

  • The operation guarantee for the Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation has terminated for Mac OS X Leopard and Microsoft Windows XP. For details about the operating environment for the Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation, click here.


  • [Noumea] was added to [Date & Time] > [Time Zone].
  • Support for Daylight Savings Time was added for Wellington (New Zealand).
  • Several languages were added to [Devices] > [External Keyboard] > [Type]. Languages other than Japanese and English can be typed from a Bluetooth keyboard connected to a PS Vita / PS TV.


  • You can now use four wireless controllers simultaneously with a PS TV. (Note: some games have a set number of controllers that can be used simultaneously to play.)
  • Up to two players can now play simultaneously on [PS4 Link] remote play.

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