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Halo 2 Anniversary's Final Remade Map

Halo 2 Anniversary's Final Remade Map Is Warlock

The sixth and final Halo 2 map getting the HD treatment is Warlock, which will be called Warlord in the Master Chief Collection. The map - itself a remake of Wizard from Halo: Combat Evolved was revealed today on IGN.

The six updated maps, along with their new names in parentheses, are listed below.
  • Warlock (Warlord)
  • Ascension (Zenith)
  • Coagulation (Bloodline)
  • Sanctuary (Shrine)
  • Zanzibar (Stonetown)
The new version of Warlock is functionally very similar to how you remember it, though developer Certain Affinity (which is working alongside 343 Industries on the game) has tweaked it slightly with new ramps and jump paths. And no need to worry, as the teleporters, Active Camo, and the Sentinel Beam weapon (with added power) are making the jump to Warlord.

The Master Chief Collection launches November 11 for Xbox One--and not PC. It includes remastered versions of Halo 1-4 (with multiplayer support)

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