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GRID: Autosport gets Drag Racing DLC pack

GRID: Autosport gets Drag Racing DLC pack

In a press release sent today, Codemasters confirmed that the new DLC pack, The Drag Pack, will be out today on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for £3.99($4.99).

The Drag Pack comes with a new Drag game mode, three custom racing strips at Hockenheim, the Autosport Raceway and Detroit, with each having routes of up to a mile long.

Nine new singleplayer Championship modes and one multiplayer mode are also included. The pack gives you three new drag-specific cars, one Hot Rod and two Funny Cars. You’ll also be able to race other cars in the game on the new strips.

As ever, any car can be custom-tuned for Drag racing.

Have a look at the trailer and the gallery below for some action.

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