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Warframe: 14.5 Update

Warframe: 14.5 Update Brings Mod Overhaul, Freeze Ray

Highlights of this update include:

  • NEW GAME MODE – Introducing Excavation, a new game mode that replaces the Survival mission types for planet surfaces. Defend a Scanning Device and collect power cells to keep it powered up as it discovers the site of an ancient artifact. Once the dig site is discovered, go to it and defend the Extractor as it uncovers the artifact for the Tenno cause. 


  • KRONEN – The Kronen bladed tonfas resurrect a lethal fighting style once thought lost to the ages.
  • GLAXION – This deadly freeze ray shoots a photon beam that halts molecular vibrations, causing instant and painful freezing.
  • NUKOR – The Nukor microwave gun creates and focuses a high-frequency field of microwaves, cooking the target from within.
  • KARYST DAGGER – Once a blade weapon of choice for an exclusive order of Tenno assassins, the Karyst Dagger grew to become a symbol of honor and duty for all Tenno.
NEW TILESET – Experience the new Ice Planet! 


  • GENE-DESIGNER KITS – Two new Gene-Designer Kits provide all of the genetic information to reconfigure a Kubrow's DNA structure and match the fur coloration of its Kubrow ancestors. 
  • HECATE SYANDANA – Used for festive ceremonies, this Syandana was often worn during social gatherings. 
  • EXIMUS COLOR SET -- A set of colors derived from the uniforms of Eximus adversaries. Unlocks additional color options for Warframe customization.
  • LOTUS COLOR SET – A set of colors inspired by the Lotus. Unlocks additional color options for Warframe customization.

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