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Resogun Patch 1.04

Increases Custom Ship Slots, Fixes Bugs

Here’s the list of notes for patch 1.04:
  • Editor: Custom ship slots increased to 10
  • All Modes: Tweaked weapons on lower upgrade levels to be more enjoyable (most noticable on Phobos)
  • All Modes: Tweaked boost to be slightly more aggressive on lower attributes (most noticable on Phobos attribute setup)
  • All Modes: Made humans not react to homing missiles to help avoid surprise deaths
  • All Modes: Made Phobos main bullets not explode upon impact with Humans
  • All Modes: Fixed rare bug where input would get lost during online play (this should fix the “boost not working” bug players were complaining about)
  • Arcade: Made Overdrive score cap to 10k instead of 1k (this change does NOT affect Survival scoring)
  • Arcade: Keeper Swarmers and Large Swarmers no longer leave the playfield
  • Arcade: Fixed bug where ordered Keepers on Febris would show up in incorrect order in online coop
  • Survival: Made Munchers (human “eaters”) have a minimum human absorption time of 7 seconds (gives player enough time to react now)
  • Survival: Fixed shields and powercubes bugging in online coop
  • Various small rendering fixes and tweaks (bloom tweaks, particle effects for weapons, custom ship rendering, text placement etc.)
  • Various small bug fixes and optimizations throughout the game and menus

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