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Tearaway Unfolded coming to PS4 next year

Tearaway Unfolded coming to PS4 next year

After realizing that it would be impossible to port Tearaway straight to the PlayStation 4, Media Molecule held a game jam to see what they could do with the PlayStation 4, and they came up with Tearaway Unfolded, which releases in 2015 on PlayStation 4 and uses the unique features of the DualShock 4.

Promoted as an “expanded retelling of the original game, adapted for PS4, and rebuilt from the ground up to use all the unique features of the Dualshock 4, and with a bigger prettier world running at 1080p and targeting 60fps to boot,” Tearaway Unfolded was described by Media Molecule Community Manager James Spafford:

The original Tearaway was a little papery world held entirely in your hands, and we used all the features of the PS Vita to deliver an experience that was as life-like and also fourth-wall-breaking as possible. With Tearaway Unfolded, we want to do the same thing, only this time the world is inside your TV and you interact with it using the unique inputs of the controller…
It doesn’t make sense for players to get up from the sofa, wander over to the TV and literally touch the world like they did in the PlayStation Vita version, but there are other ways you’ll be able to physically interact with the game instead.
From the comfort of your couch, you can swipe the touch pad to unleash great gusts of wind, and send them howling into the world to unfold rippling bridges or send enemies tumbling from cliffs! The power of wind can also be used to propel atoi through the skies in a paper plane, so you can explore the larger new world from above.
We also use the controller in more surprising ways too! You can shine the controller’s light bar into the TV to light up dark and gloomy places, growing and transforming the scenery, and guiding atoi along her way. Your little messenger companion can also throw items and creatures out of your TV and into your controller, where you can listen to them rattling around, before sending them hurtling back into the world.

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