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Get double RP and GTA$ during this weekend on GTA V

GTA Online San Andreas Flight School event

To celebrate the GTA Online San Andreas Flight School, Rpckstar is offering double RP and double GTA$ when you play something off the Event Playlist.

Wait! There’s more: you will also unlock the exclusive “High Flyer” Parachute pack when completing the Event Playlist.

There’s also double GTA$ for Air Races and Parachuting and double RP for flying under bridges during Races.

Free Plane and Helicopter Location services are on offer as well as Helicopter Pickups for $500.

Select high end properties and garages will be 25% off and there’s double Kill RP and Bonus GTA$ for airport Gang Attacks.

Finally, a GTA$1M prize will be offered on Snapmatic and Creator Competitions.

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