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Xbox One now supports

Xbox One now supports try-before-you-buy demos

The latest update for Xbox One has added the means to download the demo of a game and then unlock its full version, a quiet upgrade that independent developers in particular may start using.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Chris Charla, the head of Microsoft's ID@Xbox independent games program, said the trial feature arrived with the latest update to the console. It's been feasible on Xbox Live for Xbox 360 for years, particularly with regard to games offered on its indie channel.

"That's something that we recently turned on," Charla told Eurogamer. "I don't think we've seen any ID@Xbox games yet that have shipped with trials, but we may well in the future. It's something that's open to everybody."

Charla added that gamers may expect "lots more games coming" through the ID@Xbox channel. "There are a lot in development for 2015, and some for 2016, too."

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