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The Last of Us Remastered Patch 1.01 Detailed in Full

The Last of Us Remastered Patch 1.01 Detailed in Full, Available Now

Adding Photo Mode, the Grounded making of documentary, and enabling higher quality shadows while using the 30fps lock, patch 1.01 is now available to download for The Last of Us Remastered, ahead of launch tomorrow in North America and later this week in Europe.

Taking up 142MB, this update is mandatory if you wish to play online, and all the notes are placed below:

Single Player:

  • Added “Photo Mode” (accessed via the in-game Pause Menu) – allows adjustment of camera and rendering effects for shared screenshots.
  • Added “Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us” documentary (accessed via the Cinematic Gallery).
  • Enables higher quality shadows in-game while the 30 Frames Per Second lock (accessible via the Display options) is active.
  • Implemented various improvements and bug fixes.


  • Fixed bug where player would not get stunned by a smoke bomb when in the middle of hitting another player with a modded 2×4.
  • Fixed rare bug where player would hang on a black screen after late-joining a match in Survivors.
  • Fixed bug where player would sometimes stay on a black screen when waiting to respawn in interrogation mode.

If you’re buying the physical version of the game, don’t forget that there’s a 50GB install.

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