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New FIFA 15 trailer

New FIFA 15 trailer goes for emotion and intensity

EA Sports has released a new FIFA 15 trailer showing off the emotion and intensity inherent in the game’s football players thanks to the emotional intelligence feature.

This means each football player will have a feeling or attitude towards another player on the pitch. These emotional will evolve over time as the match progresses. There are over 600 emotional animations in the game.

Crowds will also show emotion via cheers and chants for their favorite teams, with each set of fans behaving differently than the rival team’s. Commentators will also pick up and comment on fan reactions.

It’s all detailed in the video below.

FIFA 15 releases on September 25 in North America and in Europe on September 26 on 3DS, PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Wii, Vita, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Ultimate Team Legends will be exclusive to Xbox consoles.

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