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Media Molecule Shows “Exclusive Sneak Peek”

Media Molecule Shows “Exclusive Sneak Peek” of Their PS4 Project

In a new blog post over on their website titled ‘When Making Games, Embrace Your Mistakes’, Media Molecule showed off the above trailer, which the developer described as follows:
A rendering error one of our artists Stefan experienced whilst working on our unannounced PS4 project caused this trippy sequence of colorful nonsense that simply begged to be shared in its full unedited glory… naturally only after we slapped some techno over the top of it.

Consider it an exclusive peek at our new game if you like, it’s not particularly revealing, but we found it amusing! If you’ve seen our tech demo from the PS4 announcement, then you’ll spot a familiar face…
While the video doesn’t tell you much about Media Molecule’s PS4 project, maybe this recent tease is leading up to a gamescom announcement? Only time will tell.

Also, here’s an invention Media Molecule created:

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