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Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch 1.40 Out Now

Adds Support for Intercept Standalone

Going straight to 1.40, Guerrilla Games has released the latest patch forKillzone: Shadow Fall, which preps it for the upcoming Intercept co-op standalone, while also adding support for two new co-op maps, and more.

Here’s the full list of patch notes:

  • Support for Co-Op Standalone – Once the standalone version ofKillzone: Shadow Fall Intercept is released, players will be able to play together with people who own the Expansion to the game.
  • Support for New Co-Op Maps – The release of the standalone version will be accompanied by the release of two new Intercept maps.
  • Fix for Crash in Friendslist – The crash when entering a Warzone with party will no longer happen.
  • Fix for Grenade Collision on Mortally Wounded – The ‘invisible wall’ that appears when you try to throw a grenade over downed players has been fixed.
  • Fixed Several Bugs – Patch 1.40 fixes several minor bugs related to Intercept and multiplayer.
The Intercept standalone co-op doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet, but it is expected on August 5 or August 12.

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