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Killzone: Mercenary Patch 1.10 Now Available

Killzone: Mercenary Patch 1.10 Now Available, Adds New Botnames & More

Taking up 23MB, Guerrilla Games has released patch 1.10 for Killzone: Mercenary on PlayStation Vita, with the patch notes on the system just saying, “The following features have been added: Spawn system revisions, Botzone name updates, Stability fixes.”

Over on the Killzone website, Guerrilla went into further detail about the update:

This contains some revisions to the spawn system’s selection criteria, which we’re hoping will improve the mplayer experience – particularly for team-based play. We’ll continue to review spawn quality, so please feedback on any issues that may still be in play, post-update.

Elsewhere, we’ve also addressed several stability issues that the community’s highlighted, and tackled a couple of the reported glitches that people were exploiting in matches. Again, combined, we hope this leads to an improved play experience for everyone.

Finally, for those with the Botzone update, we’ve added new botnames as chosen by the winners of our recent competition. If you spot yourself in there, then many congratulations.

The support for Killzone: Mercenary won’t end with this update, as Guerrilla is still trying to fix the “reported grey screen spawn locks that some of you have seen.”

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