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Fortnite PS4 and Xbox One Could be a Possibility After All

Fortnite PS4 and Xbox One Could be a Possibility After All

Fortnite was originally announced at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards, and we have heard little since. The co-op sandbox survival game has so far only been announced for Windows. This past April, it was also revealed thatFortnite would be free-to-play. But is there any hope for a console port? A recent discussion gives us all some hope.

When asked by Eurogamer why the game is so far a PC-exclusive, lead designer Darren Sugg responded:
No. I think it was more about the timing of the original development schedule…It was still a little unsure about where the next generation of consoles were going to land with iterative and free-to-play games. PC just allowed us to push patches and push updates quicker and do heavy iteration. At the time we were conceiving of the project, that was why.
But this was back in 2011. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were in their prime, with some amazing experiences still left in them. Free-to-play was not unheard of on these consoles, but was rare enough that you could see it was not a large focus of each platforms’ offerings. Enter the PlayStation 4, and Sony’s much larger commitment to the free-to-play market:
Things have changed from the console space and have adapted to the new market, which is cool. So because of those adaptations the future for where Fortnite ends up is not set in stone. I think there’s lots of possibilities about how you can interact with Fortnite on different platforms.
Obviously, this is not outright confirmation of plans to bring the game to the current consoles, but it’s not denial either.

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