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Titanfall is available to play for free

Titanfall is available to play for free on Origin for 48 hours

Electronic Arts is rolling out a new program that offers a full game playable for free for a set time period called Origin Game Time, the company announced today, beginning with Respawn's shooter Titanfall on PC.

Origin users participating in the initiative will be able to play the full versions of select titles for free for as long as there's time on their Game Time clock. The Origin Game Time clock begins when a user starts the game for the first time and counts down in real-time, whether or not the player pauses the game.

As the first game in the promotion, players can download Titanfall for free and play it for 48 hours. All progress will carry over if users choose to purchase Titanfall. The initiative is currently rolling out to all users and will appear on Origin's Free Games page when available. Future Origin Game Times will offer a different game and time period.

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