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Titanfall gets 12 new achievements

Titanfall gets 12 new achievements to boost your Gamerscore

Titanfall's fourth update brings with it 12 new achievements to help fatten up your Gamerscore.

Developer Respawn Entertainment released the update alongside its latest mode Marked for Death, mech decals and Titan Burn Cards.The new achievements, which offers players a total of 200 additional Gamerpoints, can be viewed below.

Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella told us that an Xbox 360 vernon of this update will release shortly after its launch on Xbox One and Windows PC, adding that updates for the 360 port will generally be delayed due to Bluepoint Games' efforts to integrate the patches.
  • Blood Water: Kill 200 enemies on Runoff - 30G
  • Runoff Connoisseur: Play every game mode on Runoff - 10G
  • Side Pipe: Kill 25 enemies while wall running on Runoff - 20G
  • Runoff Victor: Won a match on Runoff - 5G
  • Swampland Connoisseur: Play every game mode on Swampland - 10G
  • It's Safer Here: Don't touch the ground for 60 seconds on Swampland - 20G
  • Tree Runner: Be airborne for 500 meters on Swampland - 30G
  • Swampland Victor: Won a match on Swampland - 5G
  • War Games Connoisseur: Play every game mod on War Games - 10G
  • Faded: Killed 12 Pilots in a single match on War Games - 20G
  • Super Faded: Killed 100 Pilots on War Games - 35G
  • War Games Victor: Won a match on War Games - 5G

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