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PS4 SHAREfactory Update 1.01 Detailed

PS4 SHAREfactory Update 1.01 Detailed, Coming Soon

Stuart Platt, Senior Producer at Sony Computer Entertainment working on SHAREfactory, has done a great job of keeping people updated on the status of SHAREfactory and what they’ll be bringing along to update the software, which was released as part of PS4 firmware update 1.70.

While the actual patch doesn’t have a date yet, it’s just “coming soon,” Stuart was able to reveal all the notes associated with SHAREfactory update 1.01:

  • Added Fade In/Out for music tracks.
  • 2 new themes: Soccer and Shooter.
  • 2 new music tracks.
  • New wipe transitions.
  • Fixed export audio synchronization issue.
  • Fixed issue that limited access to 200 capture gallery clips.
  • Various other bug fixes and usability improvements.
  • Improved music trim screen.

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