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PS4 Firmware Update 1.71

 Rolls Out Today, Brings “Software Stability to Some Features”

Just a few hours ago, Sony’s official PlayStation Twitter announced that firmware update “1.71″ for the PlayStation 4 will be coming out “soon.” As it turns out, soon means today.

Right this moment, the update has been rolled out and is at a manageable 194MB, which should take most people no more than a few minutes to download and install. Of course, if you leave your PS4 on standby mode, then the update should be downloaded and installed by the time you wake up or when you turn on your console.

For PS4 firmware update 1.71, sadly, there are no gamer-requested features that came along for the ride, as the update is to “software stability of some features,” which most PlayStation gamers should be familiar with by now.

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