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Next Battlefield: Hardline Beta Coming This Fall to All Platforms

Next Battlefield: Hardline Beta Coming This Fall to All Platforms

With the PlayStation 4 and PC Battlefield: Hardline beta concluding today , Visceral Games VP and GM Steve Papoutsis thanked everyone for taking part, while also explaining why exactly they did such a beta so far away from release:
First, we want your feedback early. We’re listening to it, we’re acting on it and it’s going to help make Hardline a better game when we launch in October. Second, we’re gamers like you. It’s great to hear about games and see games, but we want to play games. And even though it is still early and we have a lot of work left to do, it was important to us that you could see and feel for yourself what we’re doing with Hardline.
As we get closer to the Battlefield: Hardline launch on October 21 for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, Papoutsis says we’ll hear more about the multiplayer and single-player, with Visceral “doing some cool new things in how we present the campaign, similar to what you see when watching episodes of your favorite TV shows. It’s something different and we’re fired up about it. Keep your eyes out for more on this next month.”

If you played the beta for Hardline, Papoutsis says it was just “a small portion of what is in store,” with more new modes that will play off the cop and criminal theme, along with returning fan-favorites. You can also expect the map variety to include subterranean grow labs, the streets of Miam, and more.

The next Battlefield: Hardline beta will take place this fall on all announced platforms, and it is set to showcase more content than this month’s beta.

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