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MotoGP 14 on June 20

MotoGP 14 coming to PS4, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on June 20

MotoGP 14 launches on june 20 for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita, developer Milestone announced today on Facebook.

This year's MotoGP release will feature improvements across its technical and social aspects, along with a new redesigned engine and audio engine. The redesign, according to the announcement, will introduce new realtime lighting effects and largely improve the game's graphics on both the PS4 and other consoles.

MotoGP 14 will contain modes such as Time Attack and Real Events where players can play in scenarios based on moments from the 2013 MotoGP Season. The World Championship mode features teams and riders from the 2014 MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 categories. Grand Prix mode lets players to customize race options and tailor the race from a quick race to a full race weekend.

Users who pre-order the game will get an "exclusive pre-order gadget" which will each be different depending on the retailer.

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