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H1Z1 E3 2014 trailer

H1Z1 E3 2014 trailer

H1Z1 has an E3 2014 trailer available, showing alpha footage of the post-apocalyptic MMO with zombies from Sony Online Entertainment.

The MMO is currently being developed for an Early Access Alpha release on Steam.

Early access to the title was expected last month, but it appears to have been pushed back.

H1Z1 would be fully playable “soon” leading many to believe it will be playable during SOE Live, in Las Vegas August 14-17. No word on whether it is playable this week at E3. I’ll look and see though when I get a minute.

H1Z1 will be released on PC first with early access available for $20. The full game will be free-to-play and supported by microtransactions.

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