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Dying Light E3 Trailer

Dying Light E3 Trailer Unveils Some of Its Secrets

While Techland might have delayed Dying Light into 2015, zombie fans can at least take in the game’s new E3 trailer to satiate their undead fetish.

In the press release sent today, the trailer above is said to reveal some ‘secrets” in the zombie-parkour game, and is also confirmation that it will make an appearance at next week’s show. The presser also details the “Natural Movement” system designed internally by the studio.
Among other exciting features, the newest trailer of Dying Light demonstrates the system of Natural Movement. This feature, designed internally by Techland, not only lets players move around the whole environment of the game easily and intuitively but also combine parkour-style movement with brutal combat. It will be further explained and showcased during the prestigious E3 2014 expo, which takes place on June 10-12 in Los Angeles.
Set as a survival horror game with a first-person perspective, not only will players need to deal with the undead, they will also need to scavenge for supplies and craft items to survive when Dying Light will hit the xbox one & Playstation 4 on February 2015.

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