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Blacklight: Retribution PlayStation Plus Starter Pack Detailed

Detailed, Handful of Trophies Revealed

Blacklight: Retribution from Zombie Studios will have a special gift for PlayStation Plus members. Arriving at some point in the near future, anyone who is currently a PS+ member will receive a PlayStation Plus Starter Pack, which includes:
  • Burstfire SMG
  • Revival Injector
  • 250 ZCoins to spend on PlayStation Store
Along with the full release of Blacklight: Retribution, the free-to-play title will also be getting 20 trophies, with more set to be added in future patches. Here’s a small sample of what you can begin unlocking tomorrow:
Who Needs Friends? – Earned by completing 20 matches of Deathmatch.
  • Toasty – Earned by killing 10 Hardsuits with a Flamethrower.
  • Breadwinner – Get this one by earning 50,000 GP.
  • This Is My Rifle – Add this to your shelf by fully customizing a primary weapon.

As for whether the trophies would be retroactive, Producer Kael Hammond explained:
Many trophies work using your profile stats.A lot of beta users will already have progress logged for the trophies. If you’ve already completed a trophy’s requirements you won’t get them just by logging in but will be awarded trophies by completing one more of the required action.
Finally, Zombie said:
As a reminder to all our Beta players, the Zcoin you purchased during the Beta period will be refunded to you as promised, so make sure to check your account in the coming week. You also may recall that stats, progress, earned items, and everything else will be maintained from Beta to full release — so there’s no need to worry that you’ll have to start completely over tomorrow.

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