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Android comes to the living room with Android TV 

First things first – Android TV looks fantastic. It's a new take on Android, designed from the ground up with a specific experience in mind (just like Android Wear), only this one's for the big screen. Google wants to take Chromecast a step further with AndroidTV, all while stomping its massive foot directly into the center of a market dominated by Roku and, more recently, Amazon.

Android TV is built for your living room, and designed to be an integral part of your TV-watching experience. The interface is intuitive and simple, but still elegant and classy. It's all based on Android's L release, and is slightly reminiscent of Fire TV, complete with voice search; at the same time, it integrates with the phone, much like Roku and the Roku App. It's like the best of both worlds...and more. And since it's a Google product, it has search built into its core.

Google Play Games is coming to Android TV, allowing you to game with your device on the big screen. Android TV devices will come with a controller for better gaming performance and the demos at the keynote have been impressive.

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