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Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch 1.20

Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch 1.20 Improves UI, Fixes Bugs

To improve the Killzone: Shadow Fall experience even further, Guerrilla Games has brought out patch 1.20 today. Improving the UI, fixing bugs, and more, here’s everything associated with the new update:

Online Collectible System:

  • Insurgent Pack DLC owners now receive a speed boost when they shoot a collectible crate. To offset this advantage, we’ve also added a particle effect that makes them more visible on the battlefield – even when cloaked. Both effects last until the end of the round.

User interface:

  • The score board is now split up in teams.
  • The name of the player that placed the spawn beacon has been added to the spawn select screen.

Custom Warzones:

  • A pre-game wait time option has been added to the Custom Warzone creation screen.


  • Various minor bug have been fixed.

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