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Killzone: Shadow Fall gets new multiplayer

Killzone: Shadow Fall gets new multiplayer map image, Warzone changes & more

Killzone: Shadow Fall is getting a new, free multiplayer map, and Guerrilla Games has posted its first screenshot along with incoming changes to Warzones.

The image was tweeted out by Guerrilla’s Game Director Steven ter Heideyesterday, and followed a new blog update outlining changes to Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Warzone system.

Guerrilla’s Jeroen Roding confirmed that the shooter has received a new Warzone, “which will feature fan favourite Warzones rotating on a regular basis. We will be reducing the number of official Warzones to 24 Player Warzone, 24 Player Team Deathmatch, and the rotating Warzone.”

The first rotating Warzone is 24-player Domination. Roding added that the second phase of Guerilla’s Warzone changes would be to introduce user interface enhancements, and streamlining so popular match types are found easily:

There’s also been a slight weapon tweak, along with the following patch notes:

VC30 Sickle

  • Increase spread of pellets by 15%
  • Reduced damage ranges by 50%

StA101 Kameraad

  • Reduced standing and crouched hip fire spread by 10%
  • Reduced maximum moving hip fire spread by 45%

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