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Evolve Worldwide Release Date is October 21st

Evolve’s Worldwide Release Date is October 21st

Making October 2014 even busier, 2K and Turtle Rock Studios announced today that Evolve will launch worldwide on October 21st for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

To go along with the launch date reveal, Turtle Rock also unveiled four more hunters (see the first four here) that you’ll be able to use when playing through Evolve:

Hyde – Assault

  • Has a flamethrower to match the Goliath’s fire-breathing, but the flamethrower has the shortest effective range of any weapon, despite dealing the highest damage. Hyde also has toxic grenades to poison the enemy.

Lazarus – Medic

  • Has a cloaking device, silenced sniper rifle, and the ability to heal fallen allies, but he must be in close range to do so.

Bucket – Support

A robot with a missing launcher and the ability to set up sentry guns, while also using his head (launched into the air, of course) to track the Goliath.

Maggie – Trapper

  • Maggie’s Trapjaw pet, Daisy, aids in tracking the Goliath and reviving allies.

Everyone who pre-orders Evolve will receive the Monster Expansion Pack(includes the Savage Goliath skin and a free download of the first new monster character as soon as it is available after launch), but those who pre-order at GameStop USA or EB Games Canada will also receive theExterminator Weapon Skin Pack (includes weapon skins for Markov’s Lightning Gun, Maggie’s Machine Pistol, Hank’s Laser Cutter, and Val’s Anti-Material Rifle).

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