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Battlefield Hardline has no impact on Battlefield 4

DICE Affirms Support for Battlefield 4, Following Battlefield: Hardline Announcement

With Visceral’s Battlefield: Hardline coming out this fall, DICE wanted to let people know that “introducing Hardline in no way means we’re done working on Battlefield 4.”

Despite DICE teaming up with Visceral on the development of Hardline, “ongoing work to refine and enhance BF4 remains a top priority,” with these highlighted as some of the ways Battlefield 4 will improve in the future:

Continued Support - There are dedicated BF4 teams in Stockholm, Uppsala, and LA that will continue to address any issues that might occur. But more importantly will also look to make significant additions to the game.

Netcode Patch - We are also working on a major update to the Battlefield 4 netcode.

Community Test Environment - We launched and are planning to expand our Community Test Environment. You can see the CTE as our labs environment in which we’ll continue testing out new additions, improvements etc. before we go live with them. We’re expanding the CTE program to give more and more players the chance to test new additions.

More Features - Other features rolled out recently such as Squad Join, Rent-A-Server and Loadout Presets, many which have been directly requested by you in the community. This trend will continue.

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