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Watch Dogs: PS4 pre-load Game

PS4 pre-load coming with firmware update 1.7, Gold Edition spotted on PSN

Watch Dogs will be the first game available for pre-load on PS4, as soon as firmware update 1.7 drops later today. Eagle-eyed gamers have also spotted a Gold Edition on PSN.

It follows Ubisoft’s reveal of the Watch Dogs DLC season pass and trailer. We’ve got details of what you can expect through the link.

Interestingly, Watch Dogs Gold Edition was spotted on the PS3 version of PSN by MP1st, and apparently comes with everything in the Digital Deluxe version with a free season pass on top. If accurate, that’s a lot of content.

On Watch Dogs pre-loads, Sony confirmed that PS4 users will be able to install the game as of firmware update 1.7 over on Twitter:

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