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Sunday Of Formula One Action & Controversy 2014 Bahrain

Pastor Maldonado has been handed a double punishment for his collision with Esteban Gutierrez on lap 41 in Bahrain.

Fresh from leaving the pits, Lotus driver Maldonado tipped Sauber rival Gutiérrez into a roll at the first corner, bringing out the Safety Car.

Maldonado was initially given a 10-second stop/go penalty during the race, but the stewarding panel also decided to apply a grid drop for the next race and add three penalty points to his Super Licence.

Although the incident was a dramatic one, Gutiérrez escaped unharmed.


Pos. DriverTeamTime
1.  L. HamiltonMercedes1:39:42.743
2.  N. RosbergMercedes+1.085
3.  S. PerezForce India+24.067+22.982
4.  D. RicciardoRed Bull+24.489+0.422
5.  N. HulkenbergForce India+28.654+4.165
6.  S. VettelRed Bull+29.879+1.225
7.  F. MassaWilliams+31.265+1.386
8.  V. BottasWilliams+31.876+0.611
9.  F. AlonsoFerrari+32.595+0.719
10.  K. RaikkonenFerrari+33.462+0.867
11.  D. KvyatToro Rosso+41.342+7.880
12.  R. GrosjeanLotus+43.143+1.801
13.  M. ChiltonMarussia+59.909+16.766
14.  P. MaldonadoLotus+1:02.803+2.894
15.  K. KobayashiCaterham+1:27.900+25.097
16.  J. BianchiMarussia+1 Lap
Did not finish
17.  J. ButtonMcLaren+2 Laps
18.  K. MagnussenMcLaren+17 Laps
19.  E. GutiérrezSauber+18 Laps
20.  M. EricssonCaterham+24 Laps
21.  J. VergneToro Rosso+39 Laps
22.  A. SutilSauber+40 Laps

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