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Ryse gets three maps

Ryse gets three maps in 'Duel of Fates' DLC

The third piece of DLC for Crytek's deliberately misspelled gladiatorial combat game, Ryse: Son of Rome, launched today. Titled Duel of Fates, the pack includes two arena round-to-round maps and one survival map, as well as two gladiator skins drawn from the game's single-player mode, the barbarian chief Glott and Marius Titus.


The arena maps, Invictus and Barbarous, challenges players to control landmarks, defend Emperor Nero from attackers and set wicker men ablaze. The maps include underground areas that link stages together. In the Island survival map, players pick apart an endless wave of enemies while dodging a downpour of arrows. The add-on is free for Ryse season pass holders ($19.99, £15.99) on Xbox One, or can be downloaded separately for $8.99 (£4.79).

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