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Plex media app is coming to the Xbox One

Plex media app is coming to the Xbox One

Plex media app is coming to the Xbox One

Cord cutters who are fans of Xbox One have reason to rejoice. Microsoft has approved a new app for media platform Plex that’s coming to the game console, according to an independent developer who posted the news in the Plex forums yesterday.

Plex helps you organize and access digital media from your computer (or elsewhere) on another screen without a ton of legwork — such as downloading a codex library to play most video file formats. The platform already has apps for some of the Xbox One’s media-device competitors, including Roku, Chromecast, and even the new Amazon Fire TV.

The move comes after Microsoft’s announcement of an independent-developer program calledID@Xbox that initially seemed to target indie games rather than apps. However, developer Tyson Edwards said Microsoft has approved his work on a Plex app through the program, which might mean more third-party Xbox One apps could be on the way, too.

As for the Plex app, Edwards said he couldn’t give a timetable for when it would be available.

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