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MLB 14: The Show on PS4

Stadium Comparison: MLB 14 The Show on PS4

MLB 14 The Show on PS4
The PS4 version of MLB 14 The Show boasts plenty of obvious enhancements over its feature-rich, PS3 counterpart. Players look better even at a glance, with uniforms and helmets that wrinkle and flash under the grace of a new lighting model. While stadium crowds in the PS3 version were made up of about 40 different models, the PS4 version hosts 1,000 individual models in varying clothing and gear — and each model has approximately the same number of polygons as the actual players did on PS3.
The list goes on. Individual blades of grass provide a subtle accent against a player’s shoe. Stubble grows on his cheek. These details, big and small, push the PS4 version ever closer to visual parity with a game broadcast on television.
MLB 14 The Show on PS4MLB 14 The Show on PS4
For those that haven’t played the PS3 version yet, MLB 14 The Show brings a litany of new features and improvements over last year’s outing. Quick Counts simulate the pitching counts in a game, reducing the number of total pitches while preserving the outcome. This allows gamers to jump in and out of a game in less time, while still experiencing much of what The Show has to offer. Series favorites, including Road to the Show, have been improved. Cross save support across all three platforms encourages baseball enthusiasts to bring their progress on the go, or between PS3 and PS4. As an added bonus, year-to-year saves enable gamers to bring their progress this year to future entries in the series.

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