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GRID: Autosport track details, screens

GRID: Autosport gets San Francisco track details, screens

GRID: Autosport developer Codemasters has posted a new location blog, detailing its San Francisco track with pictures.

It follows the debut GRID: Autosport trailer, screens and details.

“Racing uphill (and then down again) adds a whole new element to the racing experience and it often comes down to a battle between the brave and the sensible.

“Do you go flat out downhill but risk landing your car awkward and potentially end up spinning out of control or do you take it sensible but running the risk of your brave opponent pulling it off? It’s choices like this that make San Francisco a great place to race around and we’re incredibly excited to see it return to the GRID series.”

here’s more details of the course and screens through the link above.

GRID: Autosport hits PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on June 27.

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