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DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition

DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition Release Date Confirmed

When the DriveClub release date was announced yesterday, we heard nothing about the PlayStation Plus Edition, then we heard it was still happening, and now, thanks to a Sony statement sent to Eurogamer, we know the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition will be out on October 7th in North America and October 8th in Europe:

PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition at no extra charge on launch day.

On Twitter, DriveClub’s new Game Director Paul Rustchynsky said the PlayStation Plus Edition has seen “no change, so no need to worry!”

Elsewhere, Rustchynsky confirmed that we’ll find out whether the game is running at 30fps or 60fps (it’s been confirmed for native 1080p already) this week. Also, the trailer revealed earlier today was “all captured in-game using a debug camera,” with a gameplay video and full race videos coming in the future.

For a few more pieces of info about DriveClub, Paul said, “There isn’t a circuit editor” and “you can play through the entire single player campaign with no online connection.” As for the Platinum trophy, he believes getting it is a 5/10 in terms of difficulty because “we didn’t want to make it too hard or too grind-y, that’s for sure.”

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