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Ace Combat Infinity U.S. release date announced

Ace Combat Infinity U.S. release date announced

Bandai Namco has confirmed that flight combat title Ace Combat Infinity will launch in North America on May 27.

The jet-based dogfighter is the latest entry in the long-running franchise and the first to go down the free-to-play route.

Infinity includes a brand new story campaign and co-op multiplayer, with Namco planning extensive post-launch support for the game, such as Player Vs. Player functionality.

Said the publisher: The storyline in Ace Combat Infinity combines a near future world setting with gameplay elements that have resonated with fans from previous Ace Combat titles, including fierce dogfights with enemy aces, boss battles against giant aircrafts and bases all presented with hyper-realistic visuals.”

A European release date for Ace Combat Infinity has yet to be announced.

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