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Borderlands 2 PS Vita

Borderlands 2 PS Vita Gets a 4-Minute Offscreen Gameplay Video

Borderlands 2

Now that Spring has sprung, we’re in the season that will see the launch of the PlayStation Vita 2000 and Borderlands 2. Exactly when we’ll see both of those over the next 3 months hasn’t been revealed yet, and until GDC this week, we hadn’t really seen any videos of Borderlands 2 in action on the PlayStation Vita either.

Remedying this is AtomixVG, who has uploaded a 4-minute offscreen gameplay demo of Borderlands 2 on PS Vita, showing off how the game looks, how it plays, and how you could be waiting up to 30 seconds while a new area loads (this isn’t the final build of the game, so things could be improved by launch):

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