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P90x program Now Available on Xbox One

30-day P90X program comes to Xbox Fitness for $59.99

Released yesterday, P90X for Xbox Fitness is a 30-day version of Tony Horton's P90X regimen, which is traditionally designed for a 90-day schedule. Some P90X workouts are already available in Xbox Fitness, but today's offering includes five routines that are exclusive to Xbox Fitness and are custom-built for Kinect. (Xbox Fitness requires Kinect; the devices tracks elements such as the player's exercise form and heart rate.)

In mid-August, the P90X program for Xbox Fitness will be supplemented with a downloadable calendar and nutrition plan to help individuals on their way to getting in better shape. For reference, the basic P90X plan from Beachbody costs $119.85.

Xbox Fitness is a free download from the Xbox Games Store, and includes a range of free workouts for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

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